Smart cars continue to be tipped over in SF, when will the madness end?

by sanjosebarstool

Why, owner of a Smart car ask why your 500 pound car, why do you ask that it got tipped over? I’ll tell you why, because your vanity license (which you paid money for) plate is: “ITSMRT.” Seriously, we notice your car because it’s about the size of my fist, you don’t need to go ahead and glorify it, that’s where you get in trouble. If cars like this are being tipped over on the street, maybe park it in a garage. Yeah these guys are turds for doing it but I wouldn’t be surprised when this is happening all over the city. More importantly, you bought a small car that’s expensive, these vandals think you can afford to have it repaired and it doesn’t take more than a simple heave, ho to get it on its side. So don’t act surprised or have a “message” for these pricks. Realize that you’re driving around with a kick me sign on you back and move on. Grow up.

And now that kids don’t live on farms with cows to tip over, we gotta find something nobody really cares about to tip over, right?