Parking note of the year/decade left up in Bernal Heights

by sanjosebarstool


SFweekly – The shortage of available parking in Bernal Heights leaves us with no shortage of amusing stories and photos to share.

Since the high doses of Prozac hasn’t done much to resolve the parking drama in this hamlet, neighbors are now proposing birth control as a new parking strategy. TheBernalwood Press got hold of this very angry note that was penned by an enraged condom user and left on a neighbor’s car double parked along Bocana the other night. 

Now if only we could convince the DPT to issue condoms in lieu of parking tickets.

I can’t figure out whether I love this person or hate them. On the one hand, the message is clear and hilarious but I’m the type of person to wait around and give them shit. No passive aggressive bullshit here, but I love the note. However, calling the fuzz? Not sure how I feel about that. Unless it’s really that egregious, I gotta settle in the streets and not involve the po-lice.