Indicted state senator Leland Yee gets 250,000+ votes in California election

by sanjosebarstool



SFGate – One of the odder stats of Election Night: As of Wednesday morning, 287,590 Californians had cast ballots for indicted state Sen. Leland Yee for secretary of state. That’s good for nearly 10 percent of the vote.

That’s also more votes than five other secretary of state candidates who haven’t been indicted received.

Never mind for a second that the San Francisco Democrat has been indicted on multiple federal money laundering and weapons charges. Yee DROPPED OUT of the race in March. Folks were voting for an indicted man who didn’t even want their votes.

Only in America can a guy who is anti-guns, secretly be in favor of doing illegal arms trades with a guy named Shrimp Boy, get caught and arrested for it, then get a large percentage of votes weeks later for a higher public position. Nowhere else on God’s green earth can this happen.

The reason why this exists is because nobody trusts anybody in this government and even if we can’t, we’d rather send somebody from our neighborhood who at the very least looks, sounds and talks like us to represent us. Been happening since JFK was in office. JFK was a drug and booze addled guy that caroused even better than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime yet because he was a Catholic, Irish guy, he got the votes from the rest of the micks in the country as well as anybody that didn’t trust old whitey. It’s just the way it works. Not to stack up on the Kennedy’s, but pretty sure they’ve accidentally killed people and still been reelected.

Fact of the matter is people look at white collar criminals differently and unless there is definitive evidence to convince the masses that they’re bad dudes (see Donald Sterling) nobody gives a shit because everyone is dumb/doesn’t care. I’d venture to say that only a 40% of people voted in this California election because again nobody cares. Jerry Brown, the current governor, basically ran unopposed because nobody wants to deal with even overseeing this messed up state we live in.

So rock on Leland, maybe they can do your debates in the run off from the witness stand.