UPDATE: Students protesting firing of security guard who beat kid in a wheelchair because the kid started it

by sanjosebarstool




KTVU – In a surprising development, some Oakland High students on Friday were signing a petition in support of the school security guard who was fired and charged with a felony after being caught on surveillance video attacking a student in a wheelchair.

By noon, the students had collected dozens of signatures declaring their support of Marchell Mitchell, the security officer who was dismissed by the school district after the attack. Mitchell is also facing a felony child abuse charge in connection with the incident.

The students backing Mitchell were also wearing a flyer they made that read “Spitting is a crime You provoked this…” with a drawing of an upraised clenched fist. Underneath the drawing, the flyer reads “!!!Spit on me, get yo a—beat!!!”

The students signing the petition said Mitchell is a good guard and they claim the student in the wheelchair, 17-year-old Francisco Martinez, was also responsible for what happened.

KTVU obtained surveillance video from the Oakland Unified School District on Thursday which they say shows the officer beating the special-needs student at Oakland High School about 9 a.m. on Monday May 19th.
The video shows a guard that the district says was Mitchell in a white shirt pushing the wheelchair with Martinez down the hallway away from the camera. Along the way, the guard raises his right hand and smacks the student. Seconds later, he hits him again and Martinez is thrown out of his wheelchair onto the floor.

Knew it. NO way this kid didn’t do something to at least provoke this guy. Hell, in the video he’s helping him to get to class for God’s sake. Loved how he even said that the guy hit him in the elevator too but of course that didn’t happen to be on camera. Either way, ya shit on a dude who gets shit on probably all the time, was trying to do the nice thing and you served him up a shit sandwich. I’m guessing some are also going to say he probably also dropped an n-bomb or two at the guard.

Point is, it takes a helluva lot to get students to rally around something. Anything. So for them to protest something that in no way genuinely and directly helps them says a lot. Plus, nobody and I mean nobody likes being spit at. Case example: