San Jose pot clubs offering free weed to members who vote

by sanjosebarstool



ABC 7 News – Pot dispensaries in San Jose say they will offer free and discounted marijuana to their members who vote in next Tuesday’s election.

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition says on Monday, it will release a list of clubs taking part in the “Weed for Votes” program.

There are no new pot regulations on the ballot, but the coalition says this is its big chance to help choose who will run San Jose.

The city council is considering new regulations on pot dispensaries that would require them to be 1,000 feet away from schools and 150 feet from homes.

Talk about knowing your constituents! Only thing that would make this better for stoner voters would be free pizza and a Phish album giveaway. Best part is they aren’t even voting on anything weed related, they’re just trying to get people out to vote so they don’t accidentally elect some hardo who down the line would shut their shit down later on. Hell, it almost gives stoners a better name being able to say, “Hey I voted, I’m civically engaged….now watch me take a massive toke.” If bars in this country did this you’d have 99% of people in this voting so they could grab a free beer afterwards.

The back end of this is that this definitely a play from the constituent, legalize weed investor’s playbook because there’s no way in hell that this would have ever been come up with by your dealer. Well, maybe it would have been come up with on a couch while talking about the universe and life, but in no way that ever comes to fruition.