Gruden Camp: That time I met Miss America

by sanjosebarstool

Miss America



Not a secret to some, but yesterday had the opportunity to sneak into the Macy’s Indian Heritage festival and meet Miss America Nina Davuluri. Awesome chick, super well spoken and most of all about 100 out 10 in person. They had everything going on:

Realizing I am the only white guy in line at this point.

“Hi, you must be Miss America.”

“(Laughs) I am but you can call me Nina.”

“Hey Nina, I’m Brendan.”

“Hey Brendan, where are you from?”

“I’m from the Straight White Guy Alliance, I’m here to pledge our support.”

(Laughs uproariously, pissing off the camera guy)


And there you have it, still waiting on a tweet back but it’ll come we made a HUGE connection.