Two stabbed in San Francisco after trying to get hobo to stop peeing

by sanjosebarstool


ABC 7 News – Two people were stabbed by a homeless man after they tried to get him to stop urinating at a construction site in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood Monday afternoon, police said.

The stabbing was reported around 2 p.m. near Larkin and Geary streets.

The victims, both workers at the construction site, told the man to stop urinating. He then brandished a knife and stabbed them both, police said.

One of the victims suffered a serious injury and was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, according to police.

The suspect was found shortly after the stabbing and was arrested. Police were not immediately releasing the man’s name.

There are some hard and fast truths in this country: you take your hat off during the national anthem, toilet paper is meant to be pulled from the topside down and you don’t, ever, for any reason interrupt a man mid-stream. That’s what these two fuck sticks did and they completely deserve what they got.

If you notice, they were not identified as construction workers so they were just random civilians who in my opinion were probably walking back to their job creating an app to help cat owners find the nearest cat cafe when they happened upon this random hobo pissing at a construction site. A construction site is probably near the top of the list of acceptable places to randomly just urinate. It’s not like he’s pissing on Willy May’s statue, the place isn’t even built.

Lastly, what the fuck are these two citizens telling anybody in the Tenderloin what to do? For those unfamiliar with SF, the Tenderloin is like a small version of the Narrows from Gotham City. You try and get through there as fast as possible, especially at night. So whoever these politically correct assholes were, you just got Tenderloin’d, bro’s.