Panty bandit nabbed again after boosting $400 worth of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret

by sanjosebarstool



SFWeeklyAnthony Robinson, better known as the “underwear burglar,” was arrestedagain for allegedly pilfering a cache of bras and panties from a Union Square Victoria’s Secret.

 The Examiner reports that the 55-year-old lingerie aficionado went on his own personal shopping spree at least four times since he was released from jail for the same crime in February. Capt. Garret Tom told the newspaper on Tuesday that Robinson allegedly went to the store on April 25, April 29, and again on May 12 to steal underwear.

He then made another trip back to Victoria’s Secret on May 20 at about 3:30 p.m. where he grabbed 15 bras and four pairs of underwear, totaling $444.24.

He was busted by security guards that time and has since been charged with multiple counts of burglary. No word on what Robinson did with the stolen panties — and we don’t really want to know either.

Talk about your all time greatest mid-late life crisis, dude has been busted 5 times for the same crime of passion: stealing chick’s underwear. It really points to the fact that we in the country need to be more accepting of people’s non-harmful interests. What do I know about this guy’s pension for chick’s clothes? Not sure, but even in a place as tolerant as San Francisco, poor Anthony Robinson (who I am guessing is white but could be black) has to steal his lacey underalls because it’s not socially acceptable for men to buy them in mass quantities. Maybe he puts the bra’s on his head and pretends he’s playing football in the 30’s or something, who knows. If I’m the judge, I give this guy a one way ticket to Japan where they have them in goddamn vending machines (used and unsoiled, which is like their diesel and unleaded gas) and let this man be happy. What a shame this man can’t pursue his passion. I thought this was America.