Paddleboarder creeps the shit out of some whales

by sanjosebarstool

surfs not up

YouTube – My bud and I paddle boarded from Fort Point, San Francisco to Ocean Beach. We had the pleasure to have some beautiful video of Grey whales playing in Kelly’s cove. Watch til the end where there is a whale encounter 🙂

First off, the only person involved with this video, between him, the viewers and the whales having fun is him. This video blows. So ya saw some whales, whoopty doo. They’re out there trying to live and come across this guy trying to invent the “paddle boarding surf” video phenomena and we’re expecting the whale to demolish him and his go pro. It doesn’t kill him and I will never get those 5  minutes back.

Paddle boarding is for people who can’t surf but still want to do some sort of cool island sport. I can appreciate someone who just wants to get baked and go paddle or boogie boarding for the hell of it, but don’t make a video of it. You’re not that cool. Hell, the whales don’t want you around clearly:



Then again maybe this dude is baked and just having a good time judging by the Dos Equis tall boy chilling on his board. Still, I’m getting the creepy middle school science teacher vibe from you so just remember you’re not that special and whales don’t like you. Glad you had your Free Willy moment just outside the Golden Gate bridge.

P.S. This is definitely the face of a guy who tells everyone he paddle boards. Might even be Nick Swardson.

paddle boarder