Sean Lennon’s tour van broken into in San Francisco

by sanjosebarstool


NBC Bay Area – The son of a Beatle has experienced San Francisco crime.

Sean Lennon, scion of the legendary peacenik duo Yoko Ono and John Lennon, had his tour bus broken into in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Mission Mission first noticed the photo posted to Lennon’s instagram account of the gaping hole where a tour van window used to be — and the empty space where his drummer’s computer used to be.

Lennon’s band, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, gigged at the Great American Music Hall. But the van, parked at Franklin and Hayes streets, was irresistible to ne’er do wells — who broke in during daylight hours, while the drummer and erstwhile laptop owner was getting coffee.

Once again, clearly this is Yoko’s fault. If John Lennon, revered as he is, didn’t marry someone that everyone can’t stand this doesn’t happen. Sean Yoko Lennon is his Instagram name, which is basically putting out on the wire to the world, “Yeah I’m with my mom and you guys can all fuck off.” Not like his brother Julian Lennon (different mom), who oh by the way, is loved by Paul and Ringo not to mention Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles, is his godfather. Never heard of Julian Lennon? Well he went out there and proved he could make a hit then pulled a Costanza walk off.

Classic jam and he’s just enjoying life from here on out. That’s how you do it when your father is arguably the greatest musician of all time. Show you got the talent for everyone then don’t try and surpass him. No, instead Sean Lennon goes around with a band that might have the shittiest name of all time, playing gigs that nobody gives two shits about him, so stop being a douchebag. That’s the difference between having a tour bus and a tour van.

All because of Yoko.