UC Irvine baseball superfan banned from stadium

by sanjosebarstool




KRON 4 A die-hard fan of the University of California, Irvine, baseball team has gone from field fixture to persona non grata after walking to the mound to celebrate a win.

The Orange County Register reported Wednesday that 49-year-old Keith Franklin had his season ticket revoked in February after taking to the infield with a homemade banner commemorating career victory No. 1,000 for Anteaters coach Mike Gillespie.

The school says he went over the line.

Franklin says he had permission. And Gillepsie didn’t seem to mind, smiling and shaking Franklin’s hand.

Since the home-field banishment, Franklin’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned. He attends all away games, leading cheers and inventing nicknames for players.

And he’s maintaining his vow not to cut his hair until the Anteaters make the College World Series.

I’ve known 3 Keiths in my life and two of them looked like this superfan.

Second, was going onto the field with a sign a bit over the edge? Maybe, but this isn’t an SEC team headed to Omaha each year…this is Irvine, California, a place that resembles what I imagine purgatory to be like. Credit for Keith to going to all the away games and being the guy that coins nicknames for these guys because in all honesty there’s no way any of these guys make the show so all they’ll have is the nicknames this crazy fans gives them for years to come. I’d be shocked if it’s not more than family and friends of the teams going to these games.

And Keith won’t cut his hair till they make the CWS? C’mon, UC Irvine, clean it up.