Does this look like the face of an ice cream man who tried to sell meth to a customer?

by sanjosebarstool





NBC Bay Area – Brentwood police arrested a 62-year-old ice cream truck driver Wednesday for allegedly selling meth to a customer.

Officers received a complaint about 3 p.m. from the customer who said that the ice cream truck driver, Kelly Robin Brown, of Oakley, tried to sell him a small quality of suspected methamphetamine when he ordered ice cream.

Brentwood police found Brown in the parking lot of an Arco service station and arrested him for transportation and possession of methamphetamine.

Brown was booked him into the Martnez Detention Facility.

The case will be sent to the District Attorney’s office for review.

There were no children involved in this incident.

People say the customer is always right, so I don’t know how a guy asks for ice cream and gets mistaken for meth. My idea is that he probably asked for the shittiest flavor in the truck which is probably the code word for meth. Which flavor is that? Neapolitan? Bubble Gum? That’s on the guy with the shitty taste. Kelly Brown was just doing his due diligence as a citizen of the United States and a good person by trying to expand this doofus’ horizons.

P.S. What adult man outside of getting ice cream for kids at the beach goes to an ice cream van when it drives by? Meth heads.