Silicon Valley native Lucy Li, 11 years old, invalidates LPGA tour existence

by sanjosebarstool




(Li’s Father)

NBC Bay Area – Lucy Li – an 11-year-old girl from Silicon Valley – has become the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open by winning the sectional qualifier at Half Moon Bay in California. 

Li, who hails from Redwood Shores, California, shot rounds of 74-68 on the par-72 Old Course on Monday. She will surpass Lexi Thompson as the youngest qualifier in the U.S. Women’s Open, which is June 19-22 at Pinehurst No. 2. Thompson was 12 in the 2007 Open.

“Congratulations Lucy Li!” blares from the Jim McLean Golf Schools website, where she attends  in Doral, Florida.  Mclean tweeted how proud he was of her early Tuesday.

Beverly Klass played the 1967 Open when she was 10. There was no qualifying.
Li, of Redwood Shores, California, already has a big win on her resume. She captured the girls 10-11 division at the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt contest at Augusta that preceded the Masters this year. She beat second-place qualifier Kathleen Scavo by seven strokes at Half Moon Bay. 

First off, let’s get this clear right away, she didn’t barely win this, she DOMINATED it. Won by 7 strokes, that being said, let’s move on here.

The only knocks I can give Lucy Li is that it probably sucks that you have no friends, can’t play video games or just relax because you are constantly at the driving range or on the putting green when you are not in school. This keeps up you better hope that the LPGA picks you up very soon because it’s going to suck putting all this effort into golf and not be famous and rich, because if you end up just playing for your high school that is going to blow.

Listen I love golf, I play every weekend but these kids that only ever play golf tend to be psychos. Play some other sports, mix it up, remember, golf is a hobby for most people. Sure it’s a sport that’s played professionally but you know why in the end it’s a hobby? Because an 11 year old girl (who’s too short to even fit in the picture for her own award) basically just proved she could go pro. No 11 year old can go pro in any sport. Anywhere. Ever. Only golf. There’s a larger discussion of swing mechanics for women that I will not get into because it’s creepy, but Li’s at an advantage because she’s a lanky kid.

End of the day, good for Li, I hope she has friends, doesn’t turn into the next Freddy Adu and the LPGA needs to step their game up. An 11 year old? Woof.