Central Valley Sexy Coffee-shop forced to change it’s drink names

by sanjosebarstool




SFGate – A drive-through espresso bar in the Central Valley has agreed to change the names of some of its signature coffee concoctions after the suggestive titles raised the ire of neighbors, according to the Fresno Bee.

Bottom’s Up Espresso opened earlier this year in Clovis, just north of Fresno, with bikini-clad baristas and sexed-up drink names, but members of the surrounding community did not take kindly to the new neighborhood addition. Roughly 100 people signed a petition asking for the sex-laden menu to be toned down to family-friendly levels.

After the issue was brought before the City Council by concerned citizens, co-owner Alexandra Ireland decided to change the names of three of the raciest menu items. The new drinks will be called “Tropical Kiss,” “Sweet Cheeks” and “Hawaiian Nights.” The old drink names were all named after, er, certain sexual activities not suitable for publication (but if you must know, they can be found on the online menu for the time being).

“We want to be part of the city,” Ireland told the Fresno Bee. “Sometimes the war is not worth the effort. It’s a very simple thing for me to change some drink names.” The petition, started by Candice Eslick, appears to have served its purpose. “They listened to the 150 people who didn’t feel it was appropriate in our neighborhood,” she said.

Clovis City Attorney David Wolfe brought a report to the council Monday night explaining that the espresso bar’s dress code and menu were within city guidelines and the city was not required to take action against the establishment.

“Provided the baristas continue to cover up and avoid the nudity and semi-nudity ban, and drinks are not tied to the depiction of specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas,” Wolfe wrote in the report, “the kiosk is in compliance with city ordinances and state law.”

Still, city council members credited the increased pressure with helping push Ireland to change the bawdy names.

First off, gotta hand it Alexandra Ireland for cornering a great market. Going to get a coffee is a pure genius way to draw in dudes and day laborers that wanna see some tits and ass. Well played. Did I mention some of these things look amazing (the drinks)?


I’d go check that out, for sure, especially if some scantily clad chick is going to serve them to me. I think have the draw of the place, because guy’s are pervs, is that this chick is boxed into to this drive through place in a bikini or sometimes less (as evidence from their facebook page). Makes sense, she isn’t going anywhere, dude figures he’s got a shot. These chicks are probably making money out the ass (or in it if they’re turning tricks) but the drink names? I mean what happened to cleverness and being subtle? Sex in your mouth sounds like it would taste like swampass.

P.S. Although this place is a drive thru, there’s actual stores that operate this way and make a TON of money off of showing European soccer games live on Saturday and Sunday morning.

“Honey I’m going to go watch the soccer game”

“Where? You’re starting to drink at 6 AM?!”

“Not a bar, just the coffee place near Pete’s house.”

“OH okay, have fun!”