Santa Rosa mom chokes 12 y/o after kid bullied her daughter

by sanjosebarstool

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NBC Bay Area – Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Northern California mother for allegedly grabbing a fifth grader by the throat after her son pointed him out as the student who was bullying her younger daughter.

Delia Garcia-Bratcher was booked Saturday on Saturday into Sonoma County Jail on a felony charge of inflicting injury on a child after deputies took her into custody at Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa on Friday.

The arrest came after a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy went to the school on Willowside Road following a report of “child abuse.”

When the deputy got there, school staff said a child had been “reportedly assaulted by a parent.”

Lt. Steve Brown told NBC Bay Area that a child heard the mother say to the 12-year-old boy, “Don’t bully my little girl. This is your warning. Next time I’ll tell,” before allegedly wrapping her fingers around his throat. She had entered campus at lunchtime, the deputy wrote in his report, without signing in.

According to the deputy, Garcia-Bratcher grabbed the boy the throat in front of many other students, including her own son, who she asked to identify the person who had been bullying her daughter. No adults witnessed the assault, the deputy said. The deputy did not detail what the alleged bullying was about.

Brown would not say whether Garcia-Bratcher had a criminal history. But he did confirm that her father, Frank Bratcher, died in January after his body was found in the Russian River. He had recently been released from jail, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

The fifth grade boy sustained red marks consistent with being grabbed in the neck, the deputy said. The injuries were immediately photographed by school staff.

First off, need to know the age of the brother that pointed out the bully. If he’s even 10 years old or 15, the kid has to do what his mom did. No excuses, that’s on him. Don’t care if he’s gonna lose that fight because if he’s younger and loses, he can go down swinging and then the older kid gets in trouble for fighting. If he’s older and wins, the tone’s been set and that shit doesn’t happen anymore to sister. Then again, it’s a family who’s kids get bullied so he probably didn’t have the balls to do it himself hence enter Momma Garcia-Bratcher.

I love Momma Bear’s spirit here but do you ever remember what that awkward situation is when someone else’s parents are mad at you and confront you about something? I don’t care if you were a kid, pre-teen, teen or even older, it’s weird and awkward as hell. It’s like getting in a cage with a wild animal, you have no idea what to expect but you’re pretty sure as the yelling starts you’re going to shit your pants. I feel like even if she screamed in this kid’s face for any amount of time that it’d take the desired effect. Problem solved.

P.S. The grandpa getting whacked is an interesting element to this story, maybe these people don’t have the mental fortitude to hold back aggression or process strategic decision making in the heat of the moment. Something to think about, kids.