Is this the face of a Cub Scout leader accused of having sex with a minor?

by sanjosebarstool



KRON4 – A former Sebastopol Cub Scout leader pleaded not guilty Monday to seven felony charges of committing sex offenses on a child and providing obscene material.

Santa Rosa police arrested Franklin Lee, 40, on March 28 at the police station. The alleged offenses took place over three or four years until the victim, who was not a Cub Scout, was 16, police Sgt. Terry Anderson said.

The complaint alleges continuous sex abuse of a child, oral copulation with a child under 14, sodomy with a child under 16 and providing obscene material to a child. Lee was the Cub Scout leader of Sebastopol Pack 128. Lee’s attorney Ben Adams said today the alleged offenses were not related to scouting.

Steven Dunn, district director of the Boy Scouts’ Redwood Empire Council, said Lee was immediately removed and was permanently banned from scouting when the allegations came to light.

Dunn said Boy Scout policy includes “two-deep leadership” that requires two adult leaders to be present at all scouting activities.

A preliminary hearing date for Lee will be scheduled on June 2 in Sonoma County Superior Court.

First off, not sure how anybody that should have the time to do these types of activities and not have a kid of their own in the group. Makes no sense, sure there’s a two deep leadership program but maybe there should be a three deep leadership program to allow for first and second guy to say “Hey you think the third guy is into little kids, right? Yeah me too.”

Side note, anybody that goes by Franklin and isn’t a turtle is a little off. I’d go to war for a guy named Frank over a guy named Franklin. Franklin is a guy that stays inside to study the Magna Carta instead of playing knock out in the street.

Even worse, you know it’s bad if your lawyer’s only real defense to the media was nah nah, he didn’t join the Scouts to become a pedophile and molest his troops, no, absolutely not….he already had a kid he was using for that.”