Burglar caught in the house of a kickboxing, MMA instructor by you guessed it…the homeowner

by sanjosebarstool




KTVU – If Brian Khun had not forgotten his martial arts uniform at home, his day would have been far different.

Thursday morning Khun was traveling between the two martial arts studios where he teaches kickboxing and MMA fighting when he decided to go home and pick up his uniform.

With his 5-year-old daughter right behind him, Brian entered his San Jose home to find a burglar in his dining room.

Brian says the man stood up and said, “Hey, this guy let me in.” Worried for his daughter’s safety and seeing a pry bar in the man’s hand, Brian says he grabbed the burglar.

“I grabbed him to take him outside, he didn’t want to go, so then we started fighting.”

Brian says he delivered several punches, kneed him, put his head through a window, then dragged him outside in a headlock. Neighbors, hearing a commotion, came outside and called 9-1-1.

“He was holding him down, waiting for police,” said neighbor Patricia McHarris, “it was pretty scary.” McHarris has high praise for her neighbor calling his actions amazing.  San Jose Police arrested the man whose face was bloodied and swollen.

Khun says he wouldn’t recommend others try to confront a burglar if it can be avoided. “Just sort of relieved that it ended the way that it did. That it didn’t end badly for me or my family,” said Khun.

All time terrible luck with the old, “oh forgot my Gi at home” for this robber and I don’t care what sort of peace and life lessons the martial arts teaches you. This guy was in between dojo’s and the one in a million chances that he gets to go all Bloodsport on a dude occurs, so you’re fucking HIGH if you think this guy grabbed him first to try and escort him outside. Not believing that at all. Love his attitude about it to, I “delivered” several punches. Always the sensei, instructing his students. Okay, teach, what is the put the guy’s head through a window move called?  Glad he impressed the neighbors, because he definitely did some of these moves on the front lawn all Martin Riggs style. Without question the whole neighborhood came outside like when John Kimble beats up the abusive dad outside the school in Kindergarten Cop.

P.S. “This guy let me in” might be the funniest off the cuff responses from a burglar. Bonus points if he pointed to the crowbar.