Arise….Steve Kerr

by sanjosebarstool




So over the past 24 hours, it has come to light (and Steve Kerr to his senses) that Steve Kerr will be taking over as the coach of the Golden State Warriors. I have said that this was going to happen from the outset because of my first hand visual a couple years ago of Kerr hanging out with the Warriors owners, but that being said he lives out on the West Coast, there’s an actual team in place and he doesn’t have to deal with Dolan. All those things being said, there have been two reactions. The first to a more minor extent has been this:

And much more a butthurt, we shouldn’t have fired Mark Jackson reaction:

With all those things being said, Kerr shouldn’t receive some of the pre-criticism of never being a head coach that he is getting. Hell, Mark Jackson didn’t coach and it seemed to go well from a wins/losses and player perspective. That being said, Steve Kerr isn’t a rabble rouser and has worked in a front office putting a team together. He’s going to get along with management, has championship experience, and I would highly doubt would fire multiple assistants.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how the players react to a tumultuous coaching with a guy they really liked. If they take it at least 50% better than some of the fans, I think we’ll be okay standing wise. Having a healthy team will also be important moving forward but you can’t speak to specific instances where Mark Jackson did not rise to the occasion including actual x’s and o’s as well as the regression of Harrison Barnes. As we have seen in the playoffs this year and over the many years, the bench play of teams when the stars are not performing or double/triple teamed is what gets them to the next round and perhaps with Steve Kerr’s perspective of being that bench player, they can hopefully advance farther.