The Weed Version of Bay of Pigs occurred this morning in Pescadero

by sanjosebarstool


SFGate – Deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office seized around 1,000 pounds of marijuana — a haul likely worth well over $1 million — from an abandoned SUV on a beach south of Half Moon Bay Monday, officials said.

The vehicle, a white Chevy SUV, was discovered stuck in the sand on Pescadero State Beach around 8:30 a.m. along with a 30-foot panga-style boat thought to be the original means of transportation for the pot, said Department of Homeland Security spokesman Andrew Munoz.

Authorities believe the smugglers were offloading the marijuana from the boat to the SUV when the SUV got stuck in the sand — and had to be abandoned.

Sheriff’s deputies from the narcotics task force, state parks police and Homeland Security agents locked down the beach and seized 42 bales of marijuana, weighing 25 to 30 pounds each, Munoz said.

Officers used a tractor to pull both the SUV and the boat from the beach, authorities said.

Though he couldn’t confirm where the boat originated, Munoz said the vessel was carrying a large gas tank and looked to be equipped for a long voyage at sea.

“This type of thing is becoming more common in Northern California as the Coast Guard and Homeland Security step up patrols farther south,” Munoz said. “It’s likely that they were either doing a long haul from Mexico or they were coming from a mother ship farther off the coast.”

No arrests have been made.

Classic rookie mistake here by our friends from the South who are definitely in hiding right now. Having watched enough of The Wire and Breaking Bad, losing a package has huge ramifications, especially when it’s 42 bricks of Mexican chiba. Worst drug dealers ever? Maybe. I was half expecting to see a stolen 1996 Toyota Camry on the beach but yeah the fact it got stuck in the sand is pretty comical. No comical? The way they’re talking about a second boat off the coast? Holy crap, if that’s what is really going on we should just combine the DEA and Coast Guard because that’s all that’s going down action wise for the Coast Guard, right? Aside from the usual flotilla of Cubans of the coast of Miami it’s all about drug busting for the CG.