Welp, I’m never betting on Rickie Fowler/Webb Simpson again

by sanjosebarstool

draft street




Never again will I make this mistake. I figured Fowler would pull his recent TPC success and Webb was due. What happened? Webb misses the cut and after making a cool flop shot, the peacock didn’t even make it to Sunday. The golf boys knocking me out of the money. Hell, Bubba didn’t do me that many favors either. I think my new rule is going to bet on random’s and Jim Furyk and I LOATHE Jim Furyk. Worst hat on the tour by far. Thing is just an eye sore and a billboard:



Not to mention this guy’s swing infuriates me and he can’t dress for shit. Not saying you have to do it like Rickie Fowler but Jesus Christ have some respect yourself.