Chris Culliver threatened a 15 year old after hit and run in San Jose

by sanjosebarstool


As previously mentioned in this blog, Culliver got popped for a hit and run/assualt/threatening a witness to a crime. Well, turns out the witness was only 15 years old and now he’s getting sued for it. Stuuuuuupid move. I mean this is Raiders type behavior, what if this kid was a huge Niners fan? Boom you just lost a fan for life who will only talk about the time he got hosed and intimidated by a douchebag CB. Second, This guy’s only make 495k a year and didn’t play last year. Maybe the Niners cut you and now you gotta pay some kid and his family because you accidentally hit a bicyclist? Why not come forward like that guy on the Browns and admit mistake. Don’t have to apply the G-Code to everything, guy.

Oh and the Niners just took an defensive back in the 1st round, so maybe clean that shit up?