Morrissey was bumrushed, humped on stage in San Jose last night

by sanjosebarstool



I’ve never really been a Smiths or Morrissey fan, particularly because when he was hot I was either not born or busy trying to learn my ABC’s. Also because Morrissey is such a high brow person to say you’re a fan of if you are under the age of 35. So yeah, to say I’ve gone out of my way to avoid listening is a pretty accurate assessment of my knowledge of his work. That being said, I peeped some of his solo work and it’s downright delightful. Kind of hate myself for saying it, but it’s true. However, a couple sticking points.

First off, I get trying to rush the stage but some of these dudes were trying to mount Morrissey. I know he’s into dudes and all, but you’re really trying to break a piece off of this?



Yeah, I’ll pass. Maybe in his heyday? For sure not now.

Second, these might be the worst roadies of all time. How the hell do you let MULTIPLE fans get on stage with Morrissey? It’s Morrissey….these aren’t Juggalos, these are Senior Executives of PR drunk on cosmo’s trying to get on stage. Poor, poor effort all around and it’s a testament to the roadies of the real days of rock ‘n roll.

P.S. Tom Hanks as Aerosmith’s roadie is top 5 sketches ever in SNL history.