Barry Melrose gives fashion advice to the masses in ESPN’s “Style Points”

by sanjosebarstool


(I realize this is a year old but it only has 486 views)

The Zoot suit daddy of hockey coming in hot with his take on making fashion statements and avoiding fashion faux pas. Granted, the only reason he’s able to get away with what he wears on a nightly basis (which I’m convinced half his wardrobe are those 20’s gangster costumes from the the Halloween store) is because Don Cherry is a lunatic. Still, his salient points about the benefits of well polished shoes and not having your pants too short so as to avoid looking like a nerd are part of the 10 commandments of looking good. However, it must be noted that Barry’s suit diatribe is applicable to the way he carries himself: stand out on camera, have it reflect yourself. I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job of that as the lovable odd-ball analyst who was a terrible coach. As a tribute, here’s some of Barry’s finest.

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