Report: San Francisco is paranoid about other bridges

by sanjosebarstool




SFGate – San Francisco residents are exceptionally curious about a bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, according to a report from

We searched “Verrazano Narrows Bridge” 29 times more than the national average over the course of February and March this year. The suspension bridge has a 4,620 center span, the longest in North America, according to the online dictionary.

While it’s unclear what San Francisco’s interest in a New York bridge really means — guesses there’s “bridge envy” — the results across the country are amusing. New Yorkers search “precipitin test” almost 13 times more than the national average. People in Washington DC have a tendency to search “gun control” and “whig,” Bostonians search “fender-bender,” and St. Louis residents search “what-if” and “foobar” well above the national average. looked at searches from search data from February and March 2014 to see how often words are searched on average and in specific cities.

For more information about popular searches across the country, visit

San Francisco is feeling pressure at the top, huh? Brooklyn Bridge and the other million other bridges in NYC has got San Fran hipster paranoid as hell when it comes to their points of pride outside of craft beer and the next huge app. Even what they are searching for, “Verrazano Narrows Bridge,” is so goddamn elitist I can doubt that it’s the truth.

And maybe they’re right, because this Verrazano Bridge is pretty hot to trot right now if you haven’t seen:


Golden Gate is basically Beyonce, but Bey is getting up there in age and the Rihanna bridges of gonna come at the title now. Especially when the GG has to be painted its color continuously, all year long, it never stops. It’s manufactured beautiful while Verrazano is just make up free GORGEOUS. GG better watch her ass, the new breed is here.