New PayPal Exec drunkenly calls out co-workers on Twitter, promptly is fired

by sanjosebarstool



San Jose Mercury News – “I love Twitter,” Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal wrote in a VentureBeat blog a few months back. “It’s the only social network that I can honestly say has had a huge impact on my life.”

That’s putting it mildly.

After joining PayPal less than two months ago as director of strategy, Agrawal is out the door, recipient of a humiliating comeuppance on the Internet Monday after a vitriolic rant on Twitter where he leveled an obscenity-laced tirade against some of his colleagues.

Agrawal, who insisted on Twitter that he quit before being fired, certainly isn’t the first guy to step into the social-media muck through sloppy microblogging. Celebrities have stumbled countless times; and one bad keystroke by a US Airways social-media manager broadcast a pornographic image to the airline’s more than 400,000 followers on Twitter.

“I know someone who seriously damaged their career by Instagramming all the cocktails they were drinking one night,” said tech author Leander Kahney, editor and publisher of Cult of Mac. “That’s just not a good message to be sending your boss.”

The trouble for Agrawal, who goes by @rakeshlobster on Twitter and is also principal analyst at reDesign mobile and a television commentator, began early Saturday when he started tweet-trashing fellow employees. Visiting New Orleans for a jazz festival, Agrawal’s first target was Christina Smedley, PayPal’s vice president of global communications, whom he called a “useless middle manager,” followed up by an obscenity. Next, he tweeted “People who should be fire from paypal Don Christmas a pool a kick,” although various news bloggers said no record of anyone named Don Christmas could be found at PayPal.

As the night dragged on, Agrawal’s tweets seemed to soften and he eventually announced he was quitting his job (“Oh,” he tweeted. “I quit pay a tonight.”)

Agrawal did not respond to an email for comment. PayPal issued its own tweet on the matter: “Rakesh Agrawal is no longer with the company. Treat everyone with respect. No excuses. PayPal has zero tolerance.”

More like Rakesh Squid, bro. This is the problem with people out here is that everyone walks on egg shells trying not to piss anyone off and all the hate bubbles up then all of a sudden you do something stupid. Actually, I’m pretty confident people don’t know how to interact in real life here so as a result we get Rakesh Tough Nuts, Twitter hardo as a result. Hey, if you didn’t like the job or the people that worked there, why did you take it? Why take a swan dive off of social media and Hindenburg your career because some other exec’s jobs were useless. I bet 50% of this guy’s strategy was just recycling ideas other companies have already done, so watch what you’re doing. Also, if you’re gonna make fun of people to/in front of a mass audience, do it the right way.

P.S. Now I think this guy either has no fucking clue how to use Twitter because his tweets are straight up dogshit. Or maybe he’s trolling. No clue.

Last tweet is gold.