Mark Jackson decision coming today, maybe tomorrow

by sanjosebarstool


(Is this the tweet of a guy who’s sticking around?)

Well don’t say I told you so but I told you so. You can’t fire coaching staff that are valued by other teams (Erman)/loved by the ownership (Scal) then lose in the second round. Warriors are starting to head into Sharks territory in that they have the talent to win but don’t and should. Clippers are a better team but if you’re going to have the “best back court” in the league, you should find a way to get them the ball on a consistent basis.

The thing about the Warriors is that they are in a great location (not the arena, general area), have a great fan base, and now have a legitimate superstar in Steph Curry. Mark Jackson came in and brought them to the playoffs and a 50+ Win season. Now that they’ve been elevated to a “great coaching opportunity” now you need to elevate your coach to someone who will get you to the finals. That is unfortunately not Mark Jackson and although the players might love him, I loved my babysitter who let me eat all the ice cream I wanted when I was a kid. Was she the best babysitter for me? No. Mark Jackson is your high school girlfriend who put out. She might have been good looking, maybe not but she raised your game and sexual prowess. However you had to deal with some bat-shit antics from time to time or a slew of insults from parents/friends/family about her but she helped you out and now you’re ready for the next girl.

Ideally, you get Thibs in there (won’t happen), someone who can help with the defense but most likely the ownership will bring in someone that will play ball with them/front office which will be Steve Kerr.

Insider story, I was at a a Christmas party a few years back at a sprawling estate in which Steve Kerr (a sneaky 6′ 2) was talking with one of the owners. That was 2011. Oh and if you’re curious to if I talked to him, yes I did. I asked him if he needed another glass of wine (he declined) while I was going to get a beer. Then I attempted to regale him with my middle school basketball career. It did not go well.