SF council member holding election fundraiser at Kink.com’s headquarters

by sanjosebarstool




SFGate – As if politics isn’t sexy enough these days, San Francisco Supervisor David Campos will hold a  ”kinky” fundraiser Monday night at a place that bills itself “the largest fetish porn company in the world” to raise money for his race to represent San Francisco in the state Assembly.

While many candidates raise campaign cash at upscale eateries or casual coffeehouses, Campos is planning a reception at Kink.com’s “edgy” pornography studio The Armory Club in San Francisco, a massive Moorish-style brick building that celebrates all things BDSM — an erotic subculture involving dominance, submission, role-playing, and lots of restraining devices.

For $300, Campos’ fundraiser promises a studio tour, and a “special brand of entertainment” in the VIP room — along with a bag of goodies. Here’s the link to his invite.

Campos is facing fellow Supervisor David Chiu in a race that has just began to heat up. As recently as February, Chiu held a double-digit lead in polls, but Campos has begun to close the margin.

Well I would have titled this “Does this look like the face of a politician…” but I think all elected officials have some bizarre, sexual fantasy involving power and domination so having a fundraiser at an actual porn studio really isn’t that far fetched. That’s just being open about. For those that don’t know, in 2007 Kink bought this old historic armory and turned it into their headquarters. Occasionally you’ll be drinking up in the city and all of a sudden look up and be like, “Oh shit there’s a castle.”  I “know” many guys who have tried to hang out at the bars surrounding the armory in hopes of sniping some random adult star, but you kind of stick out a bit as a bro in that neighborhood. I, I mean my friends, have been told to go back to the marina on multiple occasions.

The real question is what this special brand of entertainment?


Is it anything goes? A lap dance? An orgy? A spanking? $300 for a tour/campaign donation isn’t exactly cheap. We all know that the goodie bag is going to be dildos and ball gags, but talk about your all time what am I gonna get type of situations. People will get disappointed no doubt but the build up and anticipation of what could be will for sure get sickos everywhere to drop $300 and tell their significant others they are going to a campaign fundraiser.

The real story here is that if Campos wins and get’s in a sex scandal of some sort, there won’t be any heat or outrage regarding his off hour activities because he put it out there from the very start. So savvy.