Oakland debuts Hook Up Truck…oh wait it’s just a glorified UHAUL truck underneath an overpass

by sanjosebarstool

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SFGate – “Mission accomplished – I totally had sex in there and it was great,” Evan Tracy, 30, said as he and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Sasha Laurel, climbed out of the back of a truck parked underneath an Oakland overpass.

The Hook-Up Truck, a commercial box truck designed for couples to enjoy the ultimate intimacy, made its debut Friday night amid frenzied media interest and curious observers, who were equal parts intrigued and repulsed.

The idea was the brainchild of conceptual Bay Area artist Spy Emerson. Her art-project-turned-business-venture was built as a place for sex on the sly, but Emerson and her provocative project were anything but discreet Friday night.

In recent weeks, the story of the Hook-Up Truck made the rounds on social media and the blogosphere, with several national publications picking up the story. The media circus reached a crescendo as the days drew nearer to the truck’s debut at Oakland Art Murmur, the popular First Friday event on Telegraph Avenue.

Television news trucks stalked Emerson and her rag-tag posse as they put the finishing touches on the truck at a West Oakland studio.

“I’m nervous. I wish I had more time,” Emerson said as she filled in the few remaining nail holes on the 5 1/2-by 7-foot room built inside the off-white delivery truck.

This is reason number 4,001 why I hate California and I live here. First off, the hipster doofuses that invaded San Francisco about 18 years ago have finally said “enough” and have begun to take their talents to Oakland, a perfectly black city with no need for craft, gluten free beer and this type of nonsense This is what I imagine the reception in Oakland to have been over the past 18 months:


They couldn’t stick to the confides of their own city so they’ve begun to invade another. Just like that parasite speech that Agent Smith gives to Neo in the Matrix, they keep invading other places and depleting it’s original culture till there is no more.

But on top of that, the gaul to put something in Oakland (a dumpy truck) under an overpass (which is almost standard) where people have sex in it (commonplace) and call it art is beyond dickish. It’s a slap in the face to Oakland by a bunch of people that look like tatt’d up Betty Pages. For shame.