Morgan Hill Patriots protesting Cinco De Mayo at Live Oak High School

by sanjosebarstool


ABC 7 – Protesters are taking a stand at a high school in Morgan Hill where four years ago the school ordered kids to remove their U.S. flag t-shirts that were worn on a day that celebrates Mexican heritage. Police are also on hand at Live Oak High School.

Police say all went well at the school for Monday morning’s demonstration. But they’re not done yet. Two more protests are planned in Morgan Hill in response to this American flag controversy.

Cinco de Mayo is not just another day at Live Oak High School, ever since four students were sent home from school for wearing American flag t-shirts in 2010.

The lawsuit surrounding that issue was recently dismissed by a judge, sparking up new passions in this heated debate.

On Monday morning, several police officers kept an eye on East Main Avenue in front of the campus.

The local Tea Party group, Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots, held large American flags in silence.

“We didn’t bring signs, we didn’t bring anything with words on it, we were just silent,” said the group’s president, Georgine Scott-Codiga. “And we’re leaving right now, as soon as we’re done with this because we did it before school, so we’re not disrupting the school.”

Although the official protest was quiet, it did create an opportunity for others to turn it into a spectacle for students arriving for classes,

Two teens were holding a poster saying they were from the “donut party,” handing out pastries.

I posted the video from Die Hard because that it specifically what type of overreaction that school administrators were fearing were going to happen. Is it sad that that type of beat down could happen to kids in the United States? Absolutely. Is it predictable that these little shitheads would do this at an almost all Mexican high school on their one national holiday that they can celebrate here in the US? Absolutely, because 15 year olds are all snotty assholes. Could they have gotten beaten up? Sure, but if they did they were asking for it.

Now we got a real Archduke Ferdinand type of situation with the Tea Party and courts being involved over proud American parents/kids, who just happen to be assholes. Great stuff. There’s a reason why people hate the Westborough Baptist Church and it’s because of this behavior. Grow up and I can say with 99% certainty these kids aren’t cool at all and the Mexican population at Live Oak do not give a shit about this. Unfortunately now it’s a Fox News-ish talking point and the story of these little dweebs being squids is forgotten.

P.S. This happened 4 years ago, get it together Tea Party. This isn’t the Alamo Part 2, just give it up.