49er’s Levi Stadium to have not only cupholders but HOOKS!

by sanjosebarstool





NBC Bay AreaThe new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara Is expected to be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the country. But it’s a little piece of plastic that may put it over the top.

Fans won’t just get cup holders when they arrive at their seats, but also hooks.

The 49ers have added specially designed hooks to the back of each seat, so fans can hang their stuff off the ground.

The seat manufacturer, Camatic, told the Niners it’s the first time they’ve ever received a request like this. 

Since they have been installed,” 49ers project executive Jack Hill said, “we’ve had a lot of positive comments from the fans.”

No more beer soaked hats, sweatshirts, purses, backpacks, no…we have HOOKS!

Seriously, how did this not happen yet, it’s mind boggling that this is only coming into the picture now. Maybe we’ve just come to accept that if we put something under our seat it’s going to wet but hey, not anymore.

And how about Levi’s Stadium? WiFi, marriage proposals before they’ve even had a game, and now hooks? Stadium of the year for sure. So hot right now.