The marriage proposals at 49er’s Levi’s Stadium have begun and the place isn’t even completely built yet.

by sanjosebarstool

Talk about your amateur hour antics here, what’s the point of doing a proposal in a stadium of the team you love than having the team, fans and peanut vendors cheering for you after she (hopefully) says yes. Talked with a few people about it and “new beginnings” was tossed around like it symbolize of a new stage of their/the team’s life. Bullshit. This could be the worst fan related proposal I’ve ever seen.

Oh sure, you might say, the 49ers put it up on their YouTube account and you probably are going to get some tickets out of it just for publicity purposes, but if all you get is like a couple t-shirts and hats from the gift shop, this is a total waste. Unless of course they are registered at the 49er store for the wedding, then play on, but still never ever ever  would I do this. Too many divorces in this day and age to curse your team’s place like that. It would certainly explain why I have never seen a marriage proposal at a Sharks game, almost certain death of the marriage 7 years later.