The 2013-2014 In Memoriam w/ offseason suggestions

by sanjosebarstool





Well that collapsed quicker than usual. I’m going to try and make this brief, but the old guard of the Sharks did not show up, didn’t inspire the young guys to victory blah blah blah. This franchise now has the stench of premier choke artists in their brand recognition and the changes needed to be made. Personally, I could go either way with a new coach/GM because that’s not really the issue. The chief need is to get quality defensive pairings to compliment a great attack. As we can see, Marc-Edouard Vlasic is critical to this team, so having another quality defenseman to shore up another line will allow the guys up front to continue to press. Dan Boyle is an UFA now and the only way they bring him back is a much reduced rate. Guy was showing his age at the end and they need quality, energetic guys at the back. He’s 37 and the attack is around 25. Not gonna cut it.

Ultimately, the Sharks should sign UFA Ryan “Captain Cally” Callahan. Is there room for him? Not yet, but he can anchor and offensive and is someone to look up to spearhead the offensive effort, taking pressure off of the Couture, Hertl’s and Burns so that they can play their game as opposed to trying to single effort it. He will command a good contract which means that Thornton/Marleau will need to go. Personally? I say send both of them, make room for Cally and get some polished defensive players for them. Here is the cap situation:

cap situation


Obviously, I think you resign Stalock, that goes without saying. He could be the #1, but back to pressing matters: Marleau/Thornton have relatively decent standing in the cap in regards to the team hit, but most importantly they aren’t full no trade clause, but rather no trade movement, which means that the team and the player have to agree to the trade. Marleau and Thornton, if possible should try and get to a team on the verge where they aren’t the number 1 or even 2 guy. A Pittsburgh? A Detroit? Somewhere where they know they have a good Cup opportunity but aren’t responsible for leading the team. That seems to be the issue and if we’re being honest, I bet both will poo-poo it so they’ll be lucky to get one of them to move.

Either way, the team does not move on and get to that next level without that happen. They can’t keep bringing in a third veteran (see Roenick, Rod Blake) to try and spurn these guys to victory, it just doesn’t work so until they change the leadership, it’s not gonna happen.