Crystal Palace FC cheerleaders lip-sync “I Love It”

by sanjosebarstool


The “Crystals” as they’re known are famous (at least to me) as being the only British soccer team, and to the best of my knowledge European, soccer team to have cheerleaders. Really shouldn’t be that unexpected as more Americans begin to own and watch soccer teams over there. Just surprising that they’re the only ones to have them. Way ahead of the curve, yet nowhere near the Dolphins girls. Those girls are untouchable.

For overall video quality, it’s decent, probably a 6 out of ten when you consider that they’re gonna have these Cockney accents but hey maybe that’s my Irish heritage in me saying that. Nothing matches their attempt at Carly Rae two years ago:

Or Gangam style

But hey, good job good effort, keep swinging the bat.

P.S. I think we can see who the two Alpha Dogs are

alpha dog

P.P.S. Lulu Pieri, hey girl.

1016157_653359454725089_837930096_n  Bentul2IEAAi96x The Crystals Cheerleaders