Warriors fans crying over Chris Paul’s “foul” on Steph Curry need to grow up

by sanjosebarstool





(Images courtesy of Bleacher Report)

A lot of foul cries being spewed across social media and the internet immediately after Steph Curry’s three point attempt last night that would have won the game for the Warriors. Fact of the matter is that it wasn’t the best look, Chris Paul might have given him a tiny nudge on the hip, but Steph tried to sell the call after he knew that it was going to be short. Plain and simple. Did Chris Paul make contact before the shot was released? Yes but you try making that foul call on any court in the Bay Area and you will get your ass kicked. I’m not saying that from experience, as the last time I played competitive basketball was when I was co-MVP of my 8th grade basketball team, but from simple deductive reasoning.

Is Steph known as a flopper? No but it’s the playoffs and you do whatever you can to get the W. A better aspect to look at post game would be the fact that maybe one of the other 25 shots that the Warriors attempt and missed should have gone in. Yes, the Dubs were 6 for 31 from beyond the arc so if you’re looking for a reason you lost the game I would point to that: a three point team not making threes.

I love the Dubs but the hardcore Warrior fans might be the biggest cry babies amongst all the Bay Area teams. What’s making this extra salty is the fact that there’s no clear cut favorite now that each team in the West has lost a game. Hell, the Rockets are down 2-0 to Portland. So yeah going into this game the Warrior fans got their hopes up for a Clipper upset but at the end of the day they didn’t capitalize on what they are known for which is nailing three’s. That’s why they lost.

Will they win Game 4? Yeah maybe, but they’ll go back to LA and lose and from there it is over. Do I hope I am wrong? Absolutely, but as I have said before…nobody on the team or staff with a ring won’t help nor will their big signing Andre taking only 9 shot attempts.

Here’s to hoping I am wrong, but if you can’t see the writing on the wall that the Warriors need championship experience at the head coaching position, let alone a few great role players, they won’t make the leap.