Rats invading San Francisco dog park

by sanjosebarstool


SF Weekly – We already told you about how rats were crawling all over North Beach, trapping people in their own cars. Apparently, the invasion has spread to Heron Head Park over in the Bayview.

NBC News reports that there have been several rat sightings of large black rats in the park which is populated by humans and their pups as well as a vast array of birds. Rat experts blame the drought, saying the rodents are coming out of hiding, looking for water. And there are lots of water bowls at Heron Head dog park.

The Port of San Francisco, which owns the park land, says it will provide rodent-proof garbage cans in attempt to ward off the rats. They’re also planning to bring in an exterminator soon.

In the meantime, if you come across a rat — or they crawl across your foot — call 311 to report it.

I love this. Not the actual rats and supposedly how big they have gotten, I just love the idea of some Vassar educated PR executive who is completely clueless about sports, blue collar life and the original San Francisco just getting caught in her car because this is the closest she has gotten to real nature since her honey moon in Fiji where she was able to feed cute baby monkeys at some zoo. Specific example? Yeah sure, but you know it’s true. I love dogs and I might work in tech, but the bay area is FILLED with the most oblivious people in the world that area disconnected from real life. Silicon Valley on HBO stretches it but it’s not too far off and the people in SF are the worst. I was trying to tell a white guy the other day what I meant I said, “I am going to wash my hands Pontius Pilate style and get out of this conversation” and he didn’t know who that was. That might be a stretch but that is where the phrase comes from. Little shit like that or not knowing who Buster Posey is, I mean, really? Did you not forget that San Francisco, a port city, used to be a dirty pirate hooker town before all the tech moved in and Ikea’d the whole city? Or how about the fact you’re walking your dog in a park right near an industrial center near water…the type of place where rats would hang out? It’s like they think the only rats are in the New York subwys.

I will say though, seeing this would make me laugh probably as hard as the tech airhead trapped in her car.

P.S. Would love to have seen these same looney’s react to a coyote in the crosswalk on Geary. Probably would think they were living a real life True Blood episode.