Your 2014 Oakland Raiders schedule is out and it’s a doozy

by sanjosebarstool


NFL: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets

Raiders 2014

2-14 and that’s being generous! I think it’s safe to say they could easily lose every home game but there are no lay-ups at all in their schedule. Why? Because they’re the Raiders. Granted the draft has not happened and they could very well take a QB with their high first round draft pick but if you think Matt Schaub is going to change the franchise you are out of your tree. Sure they have Mojo Drew now but he’s past his prime and after the first few losses he will get the disalusioned Raider veteran syndrome and proceed to not give two fucks (see Randy Moss).

If we’re being honest, they might not even win at Cleveland or the Rams because they are just as screwed up as Oakland. My honest gut feeling is a complete O-fer but we have to live in reality which means they will get a couple W’s randomly and draft terribly again next year. Raiders, homes!