Oregon company told to stop using abortion waste for electricity

by sanjosebarstool


KRON4 – Marion County commissioners have given final approval to an order to stop a company from receiving medical waste until procedures are in place to prevent the burning of fetal material to generate power.

While taking the action Thursday, commissioners said they were horrified and disgusted to learn that Covanta Marion was burning abortion waste to generate electricity.

Commissioners Sam Brentano and Janet Carlson made the decision at an emergency hearing. Both strongly oppose abortion rights.

The facility is owned and operated by Covanta in a partnership with the county. It processes 550 tons of municipal solid waste a day, with only a small portion coming from medical sources.

Covanta Marion did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment. The firm did not have a representative at the hearing.

In perhaps maybe the most egregious, disgusting and perhaps against human nature case I’ve heard of, all I ask is why? I know that this medical waste needs to be disposed of, but to use it to power your laptop where almost undoubtedly some reception is playing Farmville on is 10x worse. I don’t think these clinics are going to say, “Oh yeah and when the procedure is done, Debbie from accounting is going to use your life changing mistake to charge her phone so she can listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Pandora station on her ride home.” Is there no sanctity for the diseased? I think women should have the right to whatever and I don’t want to make this an abortion debate but good lord have a little respect whether or not you believe it’s human life or not. It’s not like it’s some dirty sock used  up by some teenager after getting his first porno mag, that’s kind of living thing. Shame. Just shame. Would hate to be the person who cracked this mystery.