Harbor Seal born at Six Flags Vallejo will melt your heart

by sanjosebarstool

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NBC Bay Area – Easter is a time for spring and renewal – a time when babies and bunnies are born into the world.

Apparently, it’s birth time for Pacific harbor seal pups, too.

One such pup was born Saturday morning – 24 hours before Easter – at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo – the first seal pup born at the park in eight years, according to spokeswoman Nancy Chan.

“How can you resist that face?” Chan asked rhetorically.

The pup, named “Lily,” because of the time of year she was born, weighs in at 20 pounds. The black, gray and white pinniped is the offspring of her 9-year-old  mom, Maile, and 10-year-old dad, Dyson.

Pacific harbor seals, also known as true seals differ from sea lions in a number of ways, including having shorter, stouter flippers and no visible earflaps. When swimming, they use their hind flippers to propel through the water.

Pups double their weight within the first four to six weeks nursing on the rich mother’s milk, which is about 45 percent fat, and then is weaned. In the wild, a mother will leave its pup after the first month to finish growing and fend for itself.

Chan said within hours, Lily was nursing, swimming, exploring, and of course, being “exceptionally cute.”

There’s cute and then there’s exceptionally cute. Lilly is exceptionally cute and that’s coming from a Zoo professional. It’s not like Mel Kiper Jr. saying some future bust is “NFL ready right now,” this is undeniable here. I would drive to Vallejo aka East Bumfuck right now to see Lilly.

However Lilly, like all cute babies, is drinking straight supersized whole milk from Maile’s teet, so unfortunately she’ll suffer the cute fat kid curse that usually happens when that one cute pudgy toddler becomes a 12 year old that nobody wants to hang out with that smells like an old Kraft single. So if you’re gonna go see Lilly, do it now while she’s in her prime. Hopefully she’ll go the Jerry O’Connell former fat kid route as opposed to Ham from The Sandlot: