Well that didn’t go well

by sanjosebarstool


Well you had to believe that if Blake Griffin wasn’t in foul trouble, at home, with Doc Rivers at the helm, the Warriors were going to have a bit of a tough time pulling out two wins down in L.A. Throw in Klay Thompson getting in foul trouble early this time around, the Dubsquad didn’t stand a chance to pull out two straight wins. But hey we got the split, which is going to be key if we can win the next two games at home.

Problem is that despite all the enthusiasm for the Splash brothers and the 1-1 split, there’s not one player on the roster with a ring. It’s not even close. For the Warriors to win a title or go to the conference finals in a heavy heavy east, they need either veterans that really want to win and get their ring or championship experience. Andre Iguodala, Bogut, and David Lee? They’re still not old enough to be burning to win one. And you think they’re going to take down a Durant team that’s clicking? No fucking way. So let’s enjoy the ride against the Clippers, hope for the best and some momentum but it’s not gonna happen.

So here’s some of the Warriors girls to cheer ya up.

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