Diane Sawyer has lost her fastball

by sanjosebarstool

ooof o-DIANE-SAWYER-WINE-facebook


Well I think the 68 year old should finally hang it up and not continue down the Barbara “Jamie Moyer” Lee path into her 80’s. Have a little pride in yourself and not get into a Joe Paterno/Bobby Bowden pissing contest with the octogenarian with the blurred filter over the camera, ya still look great for a woman in her late 60’s so hang your hat on that and ride out into the sunset. We’ll never forget your mid 90’s dominance that mirrored the Yankees of that time period. Never was a Katie Couric guy, always sweet Diane.

P.S. I feel like Diane Sawyer is what Michelle Beadle will look like eventually and that’s not a bad thing.