Remember that waterfront Warriors arena? Yeah that’s not happening now.

by sanjosebarstool




SF Weekly – Multiple city sources have toldSF Weekly that the Golden State Warriors and have agreed on terms to sell the team a future stadium site on a sprawling patch of Mission Bay land off Third Street — dooming the proposed waterfront arena Mayor Ed Lee tabbed his “legacy project.”

Officials at the Port of San Francisco denied knowledge of such a deal earlier this month and, again, today. Warriors president Rick Welts did not return SF Weekly’s calls. Team spokesman P.J. Johnston last week refused to confirm or deny the transaction, and hasn’t returned calls today. Calls to the mayor’s office have, thus far, gone unanswered.

Well-placed sources within the city, however, said that the team could be announcing its plans as soon as Tuesday.

The potential sale would connect the dots between a series of major real-estate transactions involving Salesforce and the Dogpatch-area land it owns. The company last week announced plans to be the anchor tenant in the future Transbay Tower. Earlier this month, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff gifted an additional $100 million to UC San Francisco on top of the $100 million he already gave to bolster a children’s hospital.

The former deal, a $560 million, 15.5-year proposal, would certainly make sense in light of the pending sale of the Mission Bay property Salesforce bought for some $250 million in 2010.

And if UCSF had any qualms about sharing the quadrant of the city it increasingly controls with a stadium hosting basketball games, concerts, tractor pulls, and the sort of people attending those events — well, that $100 million likely eased the pain.

Well there goes the draw of having an AT&T park like arena for the Warriors and to be honest, it doesn’t really matter that much, would have been nice to see on the waterfront. In reality, the sheer amount of parking people would have been needed would have required an ENORMOUS floating barge just to get all the cars in there. Literally as long as it’s not on the outskirts of Oakland, you will see more people at the games than there already are.

Now the drawbacks: there is going to be a SHIT ton of construction to get this done which will inevitably piss off everyone in the neighborhood/on MUNI because it is going to back up everyone’s commute. Second? If you think the San Fran “locals” are pissed about smart cars and Google buses, they’re going to love a brand new state of the art arena. Protest for days I’m sure.

Yet despite all that, there’s a great feeling to going to a basketball game in the city. It’s an urban sport, you should be going to see it downtown. Madison Square Garden is the prime example, the hustle and bustle of people, the inter mingling of the proletariat and the bourgeois, cheap pizza and commercialization all around, this is what pro-basketball should be. Not driving to a parking lot 10 miles outside of oakland or for a scenic view along the waterfront. City, babe. Like the intro to the big game in Space Jam.