Kobe out for the rest of the year, most likely done

by sanjosebarstool




Wellllllll I think that’s about all she wrote folks when it comes to Kobe’s career. Yes he is only 35 but has put in almost two decades of work in the association which is a helluva lot of wear and tear on the knees, achilles, and brain. Toss in a franchise that just traded away their best player in Steve Blake and you have the end of the Kobe Bryant era Lakers.

Kind of sucks to see such a hated team without their main target of venom  but in the end it was just fantastic to see the Lakers having to put out no names, not have enough people to do the lay up line and of course the Clippers take over as the toast of the town. Straight up Bizarro world. Credit to Kobe though, you made Southern California and the Lakers an unattractive option for some free agents because your head is so far up your own ass. That’s power and ego you can’t buy. So, so long toots! Here’s to hoping the Lakers never return. Almost Shakespearean in the end.