True Life: I’m addicted to Rubio’s chicken quesadillas

by sanjosebarstool

Not gonna lie, I’m starting to get worried for myself healthwise. I’m benching 225 more times than Michael Sam, I’m in the best shape of my life, swoleness for days, but I cannot stop eating Rubio’s chicken quesadillas. It might be my super food. In fact, I would say if I had to get my last meal right now, it’d be a Rubio’s chicken quesadilla followed by some Cherry Garcia.

Yet, it’s undeniable every time I walk into the Rubio’s near work that people are judging me. The staff, the patrons, the salsa’s all glistening looking up at me in their buckets. I need to stop but I can’t. The combination of guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo are a symphony of bold flavors. Combine that with a refreshing Vanilla Coke and I’m in pleasure town. I’ve had this course so often that I can tell the difference between the staff that is making it. Some keep it light and floury on the encasing tortilla while others provide me with a crisp outer shell.

I’m getting my vegetables, proteins, carbs, some B vitamins with my citrus infused salsa, what’s not to love? My bowel movements are normal and I’m not having any headaches, but when 11:45 AM hits, I’m already salivating, craving it. Need my fix.

Someone help.