Stanford makes their gas stations stop selling tobacco products

by sanjosebarstool



NBC Bay Area – Stanford University is eliminating sales of cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes starting next month.

The San Jose Mercury News reports vendors who operate convenience stores at the Valero gas station and Tresidder Union have agreed to the university’s request to phase out all tobacco sales.
Susan Weinstein, assistant vice president for business development, who oversees the vendors, says administrators have been considering the new rules for months. 
The newspaper says the move builds on Stanford’s “smoke-free environment policy,” which prohibits smoking in classrooms, offices, enclosed buildings and facilities. Smoking is permitted outdoors, except during organized or athletic events, and is limited to areas more than 30 feet from buildings.
The Stanford School of Medicine has been a smoke-free zone since 2007.

I’ll start off by saying that I don’t smoke but if you wanna do it, go for it.

What people don’t know is that Stanford University owns a shit ton of land. No seriously, they own so much land that the Stanford Mall itself makes the University more money than their tuition costs. That’s millions upon millions of dollars. That includes the land underneath the mall, all the retail up the El Camino Real and many of the restaurants around. Stanford is the landlord. So I really don’t see any issue with them telling the gas stations that are paying them rent no go on the cigs or e-cigs.

Having said that, going to the gas station to get something quick and not finding it is the absolute worst. Last thing you want is a bunch of nicotine craving fiends looking for their fix and having to go to multiple gas stations. That’s a recipe for disaster. Also, could Stanford look any nerdier by doing this? Not to mention they’re probably going to cut their gas station profits by quite a bit. What next, no liquor stores on their land? I thought this was America, Stanford, jeez.