Bryan Stow’s attackers (finally) plead guilty

by sanjosebarstool




NBC Bay Area – Two men charged in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan pleaded guilty Thursday and accepted plea deals in the March 2011 opening day attack at Dodger Stadium before family members delivered emotional statements about how the attack changed their lives.

Louie Sanchez, 31, pleaded guilty to a felony count of mayhem and was  sentenced to eight years in prison. Marvin Norwood, 32, pleaded guilty to  assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and was sentenced to  four years behind bars.

After the sentencing, prosecutors said Norwood will “walk out of here immediately” because of time served. He was characterized as the “lesser of two evils” as prosecutors explained why he did not received the same sentence as Sanchez, considered the primary aggressor.

In November, the two men pleaded not guilty to mayhem, assault, battery and other counts in the beating of Bay Area paramedic and father of two Bryan Stow.

Stow, 45, suffered serious injuries, including brain damage, in the parking lot assault and receives medical care at home. The family has posted updates on Stow’s condition onSupport4BryanStow, including a Feb. 14 post in which they said, “We recently shaved  Bryan’s head and it was shocking to see the damage to his skull. Seeing him stare at himself in the mirror was heartbreaking. Watching him touch the shunt that protrudes on the right side of his skull, the slightly sunken in left side and all the deep scars was heartbreaking.”

Thursday’s hearing in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom included victim-impact statements from Stow’s family. The judge also addressed Sanchez and Norwood, seated in blue jumpsuits at a table in front of the bench.

“Rarely, do I comment, but this is the kind of case that demands it,” said Judge George Lomeli. “Even now, with your smirks, you show no remorse.

“Not only did you blindside Mr. Stow, you continued to hit him on the head and kick him in the head. You’re complete cowards.”

If you’ve lived up here and watched the news at all in the past couple years, you know about the Bryan Stow story. Just got a regular dad who got the shit beat out of him by two pieces of trash from LA. I have gotten in a Scooby Doo scrap a couple times myself at professional sporting event myself, but I’m in 20’s, was probably drunk and asking for it. Bryan Stow was a legit dad just attending the game. No cause or need for that, hell yell all you want but to take wind up kicks just shows how awful these pieces of shit are. They should get more time but I have a feeling these guys probably won’t mind being in prison, which is why there sentence should instead be something a latino dude from LA would hate. Like working for no pay in Red Lobster in Maine….or just put in the stocks outside of AT&T park.