Chinese buying up all of Bay Area’s commercial properties

by sanjosebarstool


NBC Bay Area – Commercial real estate in the Bay Area is high in demand among Chinese buyers, according to reports. And more buyers are coming in.

Big-time San Francisco real estate firm Kidder Matthews has, according to the Chronicle, offered up its services to Chinese firms looking to buy in the Bay.

Kidder Matthews has joined up with a Chinese firm with 3,000 real estate agents, all of whom have money to burn on Bay Area buildings, the newspaper reported.

These buyers have “abundant capital,” a spokesman for the group, Tsinghua Real Estate CEO Chamber of Commerce, told the newspaper — but exactly what they want to buy and when was not immediately disclosed.

Well if you don’t know, now you know. This has been going on for years but now it’s straight up official and quite frankly, I don’t really care. Call me unpatriotic but these guys got moxy. They have their families live with them, they save, they take care of their lawns, they hold on to their heritage and they learn ours. Only thing I will say is that these guys are the worst to play behind on the golf course. Absolute worst, but aside from that little detail I got no problem with this….

…Unless these guys are just going to be collecting checks from across the ocean, that I got a problem with. If there’s anything worse than that, then please tell me. Just sucking our American teet dry and we all end up losing. Not to get political but as long Americans are the trendsetters in the world of sports, fashion, entertainment, everything basically, we’re screwed. The minute they stop wanting to be us, we’re through.