Earthquakes unveil new logo/jersey and boy are they turrrrible

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MLS Soccer – San Jose’s oldest pro sports team has a new look.

In a nod to the 40-year anniversary of the club, the San Jose Earthquakes on Thursday unveiled their new kits for 2014, including a throwback all-red away shirt which used to be donned by Earthquakes back in their inaugural 1974 season.

The 2014 Earthquakes gear prominently features a new logo reminiscent of the club’s historic crest that was also released at the brand unveiling at San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose.

Other elements on the shirts include an “EST 1974” on the back of the neck on the traditional blue home jersey as well as “San Jose ’74,” “#neversaydie” and “40th Anniversary” inscriptions on the neck tape of the red away jersey.

Let me start off by saying, if you are living and dying by the Earthquakes new jersey design, you should jump off the Bay Bridge.

Having said that, these are awful. First and foremost, they don’t even have a sponsor like every other soccer team…in the world, which is actually an upgrade because their last sponsor was Amway.

Second, I like the idea of a throwback but Jesus Christo, they aren’t even iconic. They look the jerseys you can buy in Eastbay magazine for all I know. Literally zero thought put into these. If anything, they should just change the colors to model the Sharks with some Teal and White or Teal and Black, just something so they can match a team around here. Sure I know there is ownership issues revolving around that but give me a break. Black and blue? Then red and white? No clue.

With all those being said, the greatest Earthquake ever was an old Manchester United player named George Best and he did one of the single greatest handed runs and scores in televised soccer history:

Get back to these bad boys

Earthquakes 81 Road George Best (3)_small