After school counselor gets caught slanging weed to middle schoolers

by sanjosebarstool



Mercury News – A 20-year-old after-school worker was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of selling marijuana to two students at Willow Glen Middle School, according to police.

Edward Diaz, a program leader for the academically-based after-school organization Think Together, was arrested on suspicion of selling marijuana to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to San Jose police Officer Albert Morales.

Think Together contracts with the San Jose Unified School District to provide academic-based after school programs for students. It has locations at more than 400 locations in California.

Tuesday, school administrators caught two students with marijuana on campus, according to Traci Cook, spokeswoman for the San Jose Unified School District. When asked where they got the drugs, the students identified Diaz.

School officials immediately contacted police, Cook said.

When officers arrived, they confirmed the two students said they purchased marijuana from Diaz, according to Morales. The officers interviewed Diaz and then arrested him.

“The Willow Glen Middle School staff have a particularly caring environment and really strive to help those kids to grow during what could be tough middle-school years,” Cook said. “They acted completely appropriately in this situation. They were immediate and made sure it was resolved and got the individual off campus right away. They did all the right things.

A representative for Think Together declined to comment, saying the school district requested to handle all media inquiries.

Cook said the school district has been contracting with Think Together, formerly Bay Area All Stars, for a number of years. Cook said that anyone who works in one of the district’s after-school programs must be fingerprinted and pass a background check, as well as meet other qualifications.

Morales said the case will be submitted to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office for review.

George Jung, Scarface, Mr. Nice Guy and now Edward Diaz.

You know what really helps middle schoolers get through those tough middle-school years? Weed, bro. In retrospect, half of my friends in 8th grade were baked and I only recently found that out which is mind blowing. Certainly explains why some people found me so funny.

Anyways, these middle schoolers have to be the narcs right? What a bunch of assholes, probably wanted to be tough and buy some weed then got cold feet OR they bought some, it was found by their parents (mortal lock) and then they copped to it. Edward Diaz just trying to do his thing and what  do these two little assholes do? Dime him out. They better watch their ass in PE, red ball coming for ya. Snitches get stitches.