Is the face of a guy who hates being asked if he’s Buzz Aldrin?

by sanjosebarstool



So yeah this just happened to me while I was at the gym here. Made the mistake of not asking any of the staff first, probably would have gotten a no but I had to have answers ASAP. Well turns out he’s not, but he’s got everything in common with him though: old guy, Gran Tarino inspired demeanor, love of lat pull towns, and hates being interrupted. Only thing different in retrospect besides his name would be his hairline. My guy has a little bit more lettuce than Buzz but you have to make split second decisions out there whether you’re in the gym or harassing old men in the basement of an Equinox. That’s on me.

Also, maybe the first documented use of “scram” this millennium. Might need to bring it back and be ahead of the curve.