Is the face of a cross dressing sex offender who casually tried to walk into a Hebrew day school as a “parent”?

by sanjosebarstool

cross dresser


NBC Bay Area – The Sunnyvale Department of Safety has arrested a cross-dressing sex offender who walked onto a Jewish school campus, but was turned away by the headmaster who felt something was amiss.

Theodore Lorigo was arrested Jan. 23 by police, who has been known to dress as both a woman and a man.

The 42-year-old Lorigo is also a registered sex offender for kidnapping a child under the age of 14 with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts, according to the Megan’s Law website.

Capt. Jeff Hunter said Lorigo has been charged with illegally walking onto the South Peninsula Hebrew Hebrew Day School campus in Sunnyvale with a fake ID in December 2013. Hunter now wants to know if other people have had contact with Lorigo as well.

Lorigo’s arrest cams as a result of an astute headmaster at the Jewish school.

“I know everyone that comes in and out of this school and if there’s a prospective family that’s coming to school, we’ve made an appointment, we’ve been in touch in advance,” said Alan Selis, headmaster of the Hebrew Day School. “If anyone isn’t in that kind of framework, there’s a red flag. And it’s our job to be cautious in that situation.”

Selis said Lorigo told him he was interested in the school for his kids — a story the headmaster didn’t buy. Lorigo never made it to any building where there were children, Selis said. Though Lorigo often dressed as a woman, he was dressed as a man on the day he came to the school.

“Once he was confronted by the senior leaders of the school, he left on his own,” Selis said. “I think that’s what people like this do. They look for the weak link. So he didn’t find that with us. And that’s why he went away so quickly.”

A couple of things, not to ever say if I was to try and kidnap a kid or anything but if you’re going to try and steal anything, you gotta bring your A-game. Theodore showing up in drag to a day school where the principal knows every parent and wears a yamaka all day is probably not your smartest move. Going to go ahead and say that Theodore does not look like the kosherest of individuals so I’m going to go ahead and say that was a horrible plan from the beginning.

Is taking kids of the Hebrew faith this guy’s thing? I mean the California public school system is so horrible, he probably could walk to any elementary school and try and do what he did at this one and get away with it (scary thought). But if you’re going to the South Peninsula Hebrew Day School and you aren’t a parent, you better bring your cross-dressing A-game because Alan Selis brings it every day in sniping out pervs. You have to bring it Albert Goldman style.